A fellow synaesthete, welcome to the club!😉 Weekdays and months do have colours for me, but ones which correspond with the letters/numbers within them.

Furthermore, even though every letter has its own hue, certain specific ones dominate within words.

Let’s take “March” as an example. “M” is dark green, “a” is red, “r” is an even darker green, “c” is yellow, and “h” is a light whitish-grey colour. Nevertheless, the word “March” to me is dark green and red with slight yellowish undertones, meaning that “m” and “a” dominate over “c”.

Synaesthesia is a wonderfully diverse phenomenon and a testament to the marvel that is the human brain. Hearing the experiences of other synaesthetes is always fascinating to me so thank you for sharing your own experience!


23-y/o Britalian, Oxford grad, published poet & singer/songwriter. Feminist, progressive & unafraid to share my views | Bylines: Indy, TIME, HuffPo, The Times

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