(A) Gillette’s products have traditionally (albeit not exclusively) been aimed towards men. This is an advert which aims to address specific issues in (toxic) masculine culture. Since Gillette has been associated with promoting a youthful, attractive, masculine image, the company is aiming to show that being all these things do not mean or justify aggressive/predatory behaviour.

(B) Strawman’s fallacy. This is an ad focusing on men – nowhere does it say that women are all perfect or that all of these problems are male-only. Nevertheless, and this is something we all have to accept, men statistically do commit far more violent and sexual crimes than women. This is also down to a culture which lets them off much more than women by dismissing male aggression as “normal” or a part of development, starting off in the small things (catcalling, for instance). Women can also abuse and assault people, but they aren’t propped up by a society which legitimises their actions.

(C) All commercials generally-speaking “guilt-trip” you into buying a product. They try to make you feel insecure (sending subtle messages which imply “you’re ugly! You’re a loser! You’re boring etc.”), and then propose their product as the remedy to your problems. This is advertising 101. So people going off saying “this ad isn’t positive, it tries to make you feel guilty” forget that ALL ads do this in the first place, just in different ways.

23-y/o Britalian, Oxford grad, published poet & singer/songwriter. Feminist, progressive & unafraid to share my views | Bylines: Indy, Metro, The Times, Huffpo

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