The ‘Insta-Life’: A New Form Of Self-Expression Or A Pic-Perfect Lie?

How every photo has become a snapshot of our innermost selves

Zach Meaney/Unsplash

How has the photo-sharing app changed our lives?

Instagram’s launch eight years ago ushered in a new revolution which would perhaps rival Facebook in its impact on our way of using social media. The concept was simple, banal almost – you’d take a picture on your phone, add a filter, and then share it with the world. Although the app may have become increasingly glossy since its inception, with its sleek typeface and sophisticated photo-editing options coming a long way from the days when its pages were littered with shoddily-lit, sepia-hue selfies, the basic premise has always remained the same. Aside from a few modifications and additions (namely the Snapchat-inspired 24-hour stories), Instagram has never changed its core purpose.

Ben Weber/Unsplash

So what are we to make of the “Insta-life”?

Well, there’s no denying that, in its own way, it has brought some good. In a world still riddled with division, prejudice and hate, Instagram has provided a borderless platform where we can all become global citizens, free to be who we want in whatever way we desire. Your page is your very own space to use as you see fit, and you can remove any negativity coming its way – comments on your posts can be deleted at your wish. Like all social media, Instagram allows us to express our identities in a public manner without having to do so in person; but Instagram still remains unique. In no other app do you document your life in such a personal way, which is why other social media brands haven’t generated anything quite comparable to the “Insta-life”. Facebook, for instance, is more about cultivating friendships, Twitter about expressing opinions, while Snapchat is too temporary. In a sense, Instagram provides a comfortable space to be and expose yourself within the privacy of your own home. And for people who may be shy, introverted or otherwise insecure about themselves, it can prove a highly liberating tool.

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