The political parallels of Harry Potter have been observed by a variety of academics and cultural critics, just like many of Dr Seuss’ works or C. S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia. Just because a book is written with a younger audience in mind (to note, though, that Harry Potter has a cross-demographic appeal) does not mean that we cannot derive insightful or even useful critiques of society. Indeed, I’d say that they can be even more pertinent given that children are at a highly impressionable stage of development.

Whether you agree or disagree with my analysis is up to you of course, but to say that it’s futile to write socio-political critiques of “children’s literature” is a fundamentally flawed, obtuse mindset to have.

23-y/o Britalian, Oxford grad, published poet & singer/songwriter. Feminist, progressive & unafraid to share my views | Bylines: Indy, Metro, The Times, Huffpo

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